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WebView App is Native Android App based on WebView. With this template you can turn your website into native android app. Its easyly configurable and customizable

Clean code and good design is main priority, by using this app, you saving your time and money to create an WebView app just for few minutes. WebView App has many useful built-in features.


  • Native Java and Android Studio
  • Beautiful Material UI design
  • Single File Configuration
  • Support 4 ad Netwoks
  • Admob, FAN, Unity, Iron Source
  • Use Chromium Web Engine
  • HTML5, Video, Audio, Javascript
  • Geolocation Maps
  • Support Offline
  • Pull refresh loading
  • Top Linear loading
  • Fullscreen video preview
  • Error handle
  • Support Download & Upload File
  • Beautiful drawer menu
  • Clean code and Well Documented



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